Frameless and Framed Railing Systems

Tempered Frameless Glass Staircase Often Seen in Office Buildings.

Commercial glass railing in office building.

A modernistic office or home décor is achieved when you consider glass panels for your staircases. Clear, lightly sandblasted or textured panels accentuate the brightness of the room or staircase instead of blocking and stealing the available natural or artificial illumination. The railings normally come in brass, aluminum, stainless steel or bronze. The glass panels are easily inserted into the metal frames with glass clips or channels. The glass is fabricated using tempered or laminated safety glass with a thickness of ½” (12mm) to 2” (19mm).

Luxury Glass Railing and Staircase

Offset glass railing.

Local building codes require tempered glass railing systems for new construction or renovations. Tempered glass is made by using special temperature or chemical treatments that cause it to break into small pieces in contrast to regular glass which will shatter into sharp, potentially dangerous shards.

We comply with local building codes and are always designed and fabricated with the safety of people as the foremost consideration.

Frameless Glass Staircase

Frameless glass railing.

A frameless glass railing system means that the glass does not need to be supported by a metal frame – it can be installed between the posts on stairs or balconies with no additional support. If you want to minimize the amount of metal used in your project, a frameless railing system is your better choice. The glass panels are made of tempered or laminated safety glass, in thicknesses ranging from 3/8” (10mm) to ½” (12 mm). They can be fabricated in clear, lightly sandblasted or textured panels to complement your office or home décor.

Exterior Glass Balcony for Apartments, Condos and Office Buildings.

Glass balcony railing.

A glass rail system for apartments and condominium balconies complements the natural or artificial lighting for the balcony and the areas below it. With safety as a primary concern, the glass panels come in thicknesses ranging from 3/8” (10mm) to ½” (12 mm) and are made with tempered or laminated safety glass. The metal railings come in chrome or brass, and can be quickly installed using brass clips.

Depending on the “look” you want, the glass can be provided in clear, lightly sandblasted or textured panels.

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