Shower Enclosure Headers and U-Channels

In order for your new glass shower door or enclosure not to leak onto the bathroom floor, you need to add shower door headers and U-Channels to the system. This hardware ensures that water is channeled to the tub and provides a decorative top to the glass doors which matches the rest of the finishes you choose for your bathroom.

Regular U-channel for a glass shower.Snap-in filler strips for a glass shower.U-channel for a frameless glass shower.U-channel and jamb with wipe for a glass shower.

Service Area

Ontario Custom Glass service area including Toronto, Huntsville, Kitchener and Niagara.

Our Guarantee

After 37 years in home renovation and construction industry Mark and his glass shower and railing installers do everything to ensure that the job is done right the first time. He’ll be there tomorrow and the next day. And while Mark does everything to ensure that the job is done right the first time, if something is amiss, he or his professional glass installers will be there to fix, adjust or tweak the work so it meets your satisfaction – no excuses!

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